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The Industries Qterics Serves

SupportView® delivers worldwide device management solutions for a broad range of industry needs:  Cable/Satellite, Mobile, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Automotive.


Remote Access:

SupportView® provides a ‘virtual truck roll’ that enables the customer support agent to remotely view the screen and control the device which makes it much faster and easier to troubleshoot issues or train the customer.

Device Analytics:

Device performance data can be collected to identify service issues and provide analytics to proactively recommend steps for problem resolution.  This data is also useful to enhance business intelligence for future product development.


Mobile Assistance:

SupportView® enables technicians to access the device remotely (via Wi-Fi or cellular) and to see the screen to assist the customer in diagnosing and resolving the problem.

Mobile Gateway:

A mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone can become a gateway to enable a technician to connect to other SupportView®  enabled devices remotely to assist the customer with diagnosing and resolving issues.

Consumer Electronics

Remote Support:

SupportView®  enables technicians to remotely access and control the device to assist them with setup or to diagnosis and resolve issues

Device Metrics:

Device performance data and system logs can be collected to proactively identify potential service issues before the consumer is even aware there is a problem. This data is also useful to enhance business intelligence for future product development.

DRM Provisioning:

Digital Rights Management (DRM) keys can be securely provisioned on devices after they leave the factory.


Proactive Monitoring and Support:

Medical equipment can be monitored 24/7 and send alerts to the customer or Support Center and issues can be addressed or fixed remotely even before the customer is aware of a problem.

Feature Upgrades:

Sophisticated medical equipment with software-licensed features can be managed through Qterics’s robust and secure software management services.


Remote Assistance:

SupportView® enables your customers to get service and support anytime and anywhere. Technicians can remotely diagnose the issue and provide timely and accurate troubleshooting and advice.  In fact, if a repair is necessary, parts can be ordered and appropriate service time scheduled to streamline the service incident.

Proactive Alerts:

Key system functions can be monitored and proactive alerts can be communicated to the customer as part of a comprehensive service program provided by the dealership.