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Qterics Solutions

Remote services platform providing access, control and measurement for the Internet of Things

This capability, along with the cloud-based SupportView professional toolset, allows a service technician to conduct a remote, interactive live technical support session with a NetReady-enabled digital home devices.

NetReady offers a services platform to access, control and manage devices in the Internet of Things. This NetReady Services Platform enables several service solutions such as remote access and control of Internet-connected devices, remote management for connected devices and the surrounding ecosystem, and access to valuable intelligence about product performance and usage to help them improve product design and manufacturing and better address their customer’s needs.

Remote Support: SupportView®

Secure, remote access and control of Internet-connected devices

SupportView provides a “virtual truck roll” that enables the customer support agent to remotely view the screen and control the device which makes it much faster and easier to troubleshoot issues or train the customer. SupportView significantly reduces average handle time and truck rolls which can save a support organization millions of dollars, not to mention make the customer a lot happier and reduce customer frustration and churn.

Software Updates (OTA)

Secure, worldwide distribution of software updates (OTA) and feature updates

Manufacturers need an advanced software management system to ensure products are adequately updated and supported.  Due to reduced software development budgets and shorter product development cycles, these digital home devices are more likely to experience software bugs than ever before.

SmartTV Device Security: DRM Provisioning

Secure delivery of DRM keys for streaming content services

NetReady also includes Dynamic Provisioning that provides connected digital home devices, such as Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players, with the ability to securely receive and dynamically manage new or existing digital rights management (DRM) credentials before and after the devices are manufactured.