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SupportView® App: SupportCam

Integrated Photo and video sharing

Sometimes a service agent needs to see some physical aspect of the device, its setup, or the surrounding environment. The SupportCam app allows the device user to use a smartphone or tablet to send images directly to the service agent using SupportView.

Remote Viewing, even for Disconnected Device Features

Imagine a customer complaining that they can’t get a cable to fit properly or that the device casing is damaged. Because these are physical, rather than digital issues, a typical SupportView remote connection cannot easily observe these cases.  SupportCam allows the service agent to “see” beyond the connection and help an end user with a wider variety of problems.

Easy, Single-use Connection

SupportCam works within a SupportView remote support session and doesn’t require any special account creation or login information. When the session is complete, the end user doesn’t need to worry about any lingering account connections created with a service agent – the relationship is completely tied to the SupportView session and expires when that session ends.

Flexible Integration Options

Qterics has designed SupportCam as a standalone application for Android or iOS that can be offered under the Qterics or device manufacturer’s brands. Qterics also offers SDKs so that the SupportCam functionality can be integrated into another app, such as a device manufacturer or service provider’s mobile support app.