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Software Update (OTA)

NetReady Solution: Software Updates

Secure, worldwide distribution of software and feature updates

Manufacturers need an advanced software management system to ensure products are adequately updated and supported. Due to reduced software development budgets and shorter product development cycles, these digital home devices are more likely to experience software bugs than ever before.

NetReady™ from Qterics™ contains a robust, secure, and multipath software update service which delivers and automatically installs firmware upgrades to digital home devices via the Internet, over the air terrestrial broadcast, through cable transmissions, and by mail on USB (or similar) storage drives.

Secure Software Updates via NetReady

NetReady provides a secure and efficient software update service for manufacturers to fix security bugs and to update and support the product software as needed.

Turn-Key Managed Update Process

NetReady provides a completely turn-key service for managing software and firmware updates.  Manufacturers often choose to roll-out updates in phases to ensure that revisions work properly and to protect against sudden surges in support calls.