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Secure, Remote Access And Control Of Internet-Connected Devices

The NetReady device management platform includes a remote access solution called SupportView which enables customer service agents to conduct a live remote interactive technical support session with Internet-connected devices.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Remote Interactive Technical Support Sessions

With the customer’s permission, the customer service agent can engage in a virtual on-site support session to view the screen, operate the remote control, run system diagnostics, and utilize customized tools to quickly resolve issues or assist the customer with properly configuring their device.

Improve Average Handle Time and First Call Resolution

SupportView enables the customer service agent to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem by viewing the screen and running system diagnostics rather than having the customer try to describe the issue.  And since the agent can remotely control the device, the customer can watch and learn, rather than experience the frustration of a back-and-forth conversation punctuated by ‘now press the enter button’ and ‘what do you see now?’

Enhanced Call Center Operations

Calls can be handled more quickly, and with fewer escalations, which mean the call center can operate more efficiently by handling more calls per hour and with shorter hold times, which also reduces dropped calls by customers waiting on hold.

Eliminate Truck Rolls

SupportView is like a ‘virtual truck roll’ and enables the customer service agent to have an interactive on-site support session without actually rolling a truck. Not only are truck rolls expensive for the operator, but they are inconvenient for the customer.  In many cases the issue is simply that the customer doesn’t know how to use the device or that the device isn’t configured properly and the problem can easily be resolved remotely, without having to wait for a service truck.  In the event a hardware fix is necessary, the customer service agent can retrieve a listing of key device components to ensure the right parts are available when a service truck is dispatched to the home.

Enhance Customer Experience

Using SupportView provides a ‘wow’ factor that helps diffuse customer frustration and tension and makes the support call flow much faster and smoother.  SupportView also enables the customer support agent to provide training and show the customer how to use various features of the device to maximize customer enjoyment.  Ultimately this results in a better support experience and a happier and more satisfied customer.

Lower Return Rates and Service Cancellations

SupportView’s ability to quickly resolve issues can significantly reduce product returns and service cancellations.  The first week after a customer brings home a product is typically the most challenging and expensive for the manufacturer.  If the customer isn’t satisfied with the product or service, they will either bring it back or cancel the service.  It’s during this critical time that the manufacturer can either ‘wow’ the customer with excellent support, or disappoint them and bear the cost of a return or cancellation.

Drive Incremental Service Plan Revenues

Manufacturers, retailers, and service operators can drive incremental revenue and profit by offering premium service plans that utilize SupportView’s capabilities.